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Website Evaluation

There is no standard way to measure attractiveness of a website, so a web developer's work can be evaluated with three questions:

Load Time

When a visitor clicks on a Google-link to a website, (s)he has to wait until the website fully appears on the screen; his/her waiting time is called the load time.

load time is affected by the quality of the internet connection: when measured in a slow (e.g., 2G) network, it can go up to 10+ seconds even for our website. This is why it is better to measure the load time when your internet connection is fast and stable.

A simple (yet not precise) way to evaluate a website is this Google testing tool. If you want to measure load time on a desktop, press F12 in the browser – this opens developer tool window. Then clear the cache, switch to "Network" and reload the website. You will see all the downloaded files and the load time for each of them. If the total load time exceeds one second on a fast internet connection, the website might not be optimized.

Accelerating a Website

We follow the following policy to make our websites download faster:

Test results

We regularly measure load time using several servers. In the table below, we compare load time for two websites: and
load time (ms)

The measurements are done without the chat system. The fastest load time (0.7 seconds) is achieved for the server in Rochester NY conected to the greenlight network.