Certain small business owners (e.g., psychotherapists and attorneys) can tell many interesting facts about their job, thus demonstrating their professionalism and attracting new customers.

With an info (wiki) server on your website, you can create and gradually improve articles about your services, answer FAQ, and share your professional experience. This server is a knd of your personal "wikipedia"; it assists you in demonstrating your individuality and expertise.

The wiki syntax is simple; the articles can include pictures and short videos, see an article about Quenching as an example.

Note, however, that the articles will not have the same design as your website.

The setup price is $.

Info (wiki) server

  • Your personal Wikipedia It is easy to create and edit articles.
  • Indexed by Google. The wiki syntax is standard and is recognized by Google. An interesting article can attract visitors to your website at nop cost.
  • Simplistic design The design will not be attractive, see an example.

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