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Hire a designer or use a design theme?

Hiring a designer can be expensive, especially for small business. This is the reason why we encourage choosing one of many fancy-looking free or inexpensive themes (e.g., for Wordpress) available on the web for a small business website.

If you need to redesign a website we will suggest you one of design themes available for $10-$30 on WrapBootsrap. If you prefer to find the design solution yourself please provide pictures (jpeg or png images) or a link to the web page.

With this approach you pay for what you see and do not spend too much (design theme price plus $60 for a two-pages website).

Those design themes are cheap but might be used on many websites. If you need a website with a unique design we may hire a designer for you for $300-$700 (the price depends on the number of web pages and images).

You may also hire a web designer yourself: at your request we will open an FTP access to your web directory for this person.