In scheduling appointments the telephone is often not the most convenient or efficient way to do it. It takes clerical time and can be done only during busy office hours.

With our appointment system, the customer can schedule appointments at any time from a wide range of dates and hours that you show as available. Email appointment reminders are sent 24h before the appointment. Customers may optionally receive SMS (text) reminders 24h before the appointment.

We adapt the code to customers' requirements; design will be adapted too so that your new appointment pages will look similar to your existing website. If your existing website (e.g., does not need corrections or redesign we may add an independent section (e.g., to it for appointment scheduling.

Flexible payments: subscription billing or one-time license fee

Subscription: setup Subscription: monthly One-time license fee
For one provider $$ $
For multiple providers $$ $

The appointment system.

  • It knows your business week days and schedule for every week day. Accepting appointments Sunday afternoon and Wednesday finish at 1am? No problem!
  • It knows your holidays You specify general, raligious, and personal (e.g., vacation) holidays when you do not accept appointments.
  • Changes are easy It is easy to move an appointment to another time or date. The system will avoid intersections with other appointments.
  • Reminders Your customers receive reminders by email and (optionally) cell phone.

The images below illustrate appointment system installed on

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